Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why "Our Fields" ?

This page was established to show that there are commons, Common Fields, our Fields !

But in our societies and to the whole Earth Community, the right to find and share orienzations is neglected or ignored. This caused by the owerhelming flood of information, the widening of our horizons, and the growing overspecialisation (where we know more and more about less and less.

Here is an anecdote of a group which has met 50 years ago to overcome this nightmare of feeling lost and without feed on the ground, or in shifting sands.
It was the founding gathering of the people starting "General Systems" sciences, and someone from outside entered the room, wondered about the strange wide, deep, endless and timeless questions they wanted to tackle, and left shaking his room
For more please read: "Longing for Unified Knowledge" in our Wholeness Seminar with the opening question:
What Wholeness means to me? - How can it be best imparted to others?

Maybe check as an aside or later these article on a Humane Information Society, the Impact of Cyberculture and the underlaying erreneous concepts, and what could be done.

So what is our field? and what does it inlude?

As there are many "Holistic", Wholeness-Searching, Universal, activities going on my quest on this site is to collect and discuss approaches which incompass many fields, subjects, languages, cultures, signs-systems, scales, believe-systems, models,... and see how they are connected and what the ways, means and benefits are.

My premise is to step back, see our fields from a distance or a "high stand", just as the sufis and many othe traditions recommend: To solve a problem, take your own viewpoint out" and I might want to add take in some distance or elevation - so you can outline and maybe see how things connect.
Maybe the Cognitive Panorama and our "Out of the box thinking" and "Paradigm Mapping" exercises are of interest. Please stay in touch and maybe visit "deepworlds" or some other sites....

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